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government food labels. what would you label we asked. >> what needs a warning label? politicians. >> how about labeling deadly chemicals in our food. it's common sense. tammy, i would label men. come on, tammy. >> gene says majority of americans don't bother reading crucial legislation, why would they read nutrition labels? because it's easier. >> thanks for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> see you tomorrow. growing crisis in ukraine. gunmen seizings buildings in the country's southern region. also putting fighter jets on alert. white house press secretary jay carney on the escalating situation. >> we strongly support ukraine's territorial integrity and
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sovereignty. we expect other nations do the same. we are closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border which they announced yesterday. we expect russia to be transparent about these activities and avoid provocative actions. >> meantime secretary of state john kerry warning russia against military intervention saying any kind of military intervention that would violate sovereign territorial integrity of ukraine would be a huge, a grave mistake. ukraine's ousted president currently in russia saying he still considers himself ukraine's leader. time to bring in a former congressman from kansas and attorney for former ukrainian leader yulia tymoshenko. >> good to see you. >> this is heating up now. is russia listening to secretary of state john kerry? >> i don't think russia wants instability on its border in ukraine any more than the united states or european union.
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there's common interest to stabilize the situation in ukraine. that means this new government has to be committed to unt, reconciling different factions in the country and they have to be committed to freedom and democracy. i hope they are. >> it's interesting because you have a lot of experience having traveled to ukraine on many occasions. but my question to you is if putin was on the same page as the united states, why would he put these troops there? >> there's been some discussion that this is a regularly scheduled exercise. i do not know if that is true or not. i think putin is probably trying to signal to the new government in ukraine, don't mess around with cremia. it's trying to be tough, new guy in the neighborhood. >> why should people here came?
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>> they should care. number one it's a large country ge grarvegly, the size of france, 150 million people. it was called the breadbasket of the soviet union. someone far smarter than i observed russia without ukraine is a nation. russia with ukraine is an empire. the country is a highly educated country with enormous natural resources. i think we've been doing everything we can to support aspirations of people to be free, democratic and united as a country and positioned to really define their own dd. that's what this is about. >> tell me before you go about your client, the former leader there, yulia tymoshenko. we see her out of prison now but in a cheel chair. what's going on? >> yulia is suffering from a very painful back ailment that hopefully she'll get treated in
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the next few weeks. i will be seeing her in the next few days probably. i think she has a very unique role to play in unifying this country at this historically important time. she is from the east but her political base is in the west. >> interesting. >> she has great oratory cal skills. i told her you have to find your mandela. >> well put. former congressman jim slatry, thanks for your insights. >> good to be with you. >> time drawing short for troops into and out of kyrgystan. refueling warplanes over afghanistan. all aircraft and personnel expected to be out of that base in kyrgystan july 11th when our government's reese expires. now to obamacare and a
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startling revelation that president obama reportedly considered scrapping the entire health care website and starting over as late as october 17th. this according to exclusive report in "time" magazine about the botched rollout. my guest today, wow, when you see this headline, steven, it's amazing to get inside what was going on, inside the white house. obama was just going to get rid of this thing and start over, which would have meant maybe a year with no health care. >> it's unclear exactly how long it would have taken if they had scrapped. we've seen what he's done with other delays. we know that had to be on his mind. in my previous life before i was a lowly reporter, i was even a lowlier computer programmer, this is exactly what i would have done with a project like this. you look and say can this be salvaged, rework the codes, the systems or should we get it
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done. it's impressive they were able to do this. it's not perfect, but remember where we were in early october with the stories we were hearing. >> it's one thing thing they fixed their own white house chief of staff took it at face value this website was going to work. he actually never saw it tested. >> yeah. that's the real takeaway from this. i do think they have done a pretty good job of fixing the website where we are now. it's not perfect. the only reason it does get fixed is because of the amount of resources they did throw on it. you basically had every single tech person of any substance in the government working to try to figure out if you could get this fixed and what you could do. imagine how many systems are out there we don't focus on, the giant size of the government. that's what you have to wonder. yes, we did get this fixed. imagine how many things are
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broken that aren't get this kind of attention. >> that's scary, if you think about it like that. with all the government programs out there and this is the one we've been focused on so much. here is my question, with all these revelations, even more so it came to me to mind this question, why has nobody been fired? >> that's exactly the question. we can speculate on the reasons. obviously at this point they are focused on getting it fixed. firings, this the issue, once you fire somebody in washington, we reporters smell blood. who is next. did it go higher than that? how high would it go. once you admit any sort of mistake, then it's all over. you're admitting yes this is more skewed up than we admitted in the first place. it's one of those things, once there's the first firing, everything keeps rolling. as long as they can push off deadlines and keep managing this, they are probably okay basically waiting until the election and seeing what voters do then.
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>> interesting analysis. stephen dinan, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. tea party's fifth anniversary. tea party challengers looking to upset republicans in house and senate this november and they won't be easy battles. chief political correspondent with a look at how both sides of faring. what do you know? >> tea partiers from all over the country. this is the group, one of the biggest in the country, their fifth anniversary. they are coming from all over the country and come at the same time tea partiers are actively trying to ge feet gop leadership in both house and senate in the upcoming midterm primaries. there are at least three, some say as many as five online tea party petitions circulating that call for boehner and in some cases entire house and gop leadership to get dumped, oust the speaker, fire the speaker, on and on. boehner faces tea party at home in ohio. majority leader eric cantor in
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virginia and chair of republican party seats all facing challengers. in most cases the challengers aren't nearly as well funded or organized as incumbent. rnc, republican scene torl mainstream super pacs and backers. there's a variety of allied groups endorse k tea party candidates and they are targeting republicans deemed insufficiently conservative virtually coast-to-coast. mitch mcconnell senate side gop leader leads polls over his tea party rival in kentucky. number two senate republican john cornyn in texas is the first to face a tea party primary next week. first of the cycle in texas next tuesday. john cornyn faces tea party challenge. in that case he's pretty much favored. tea party support for his rival has fizzled. tea party has a lot of power. most of the in couple bandits
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anticipated they would be challenged. they voted accordingly, raising money and organizing. most vulnerable in mississippi facing a strong challenge from chris mcdaniels state senator down there, gretchen, who is putting on a serious challenge and has lots of strong tea party support as well. >> all right, carl. if anyone knows about elections and players you do. >> really get started tuesday of next week. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks, carl. after days of public protest and lit cal pressure, she did it. >> i sincerely believe senate bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than it purports to solve. >> why did governor jan brewer veto the religious freedom act and what does it say about the evolution of the republican party. sexting scandal blowing up. geraldo rivera telling us why police are launching an investigation over naked pictures. more than a gold medal sets david wise apart from other 23
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years old. the champion skier joining me live to talk about his so-called alternative lifestyle.
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call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? general eric holder now out of the hospital. mr. holder checked himself into the hospital after feeling faint and short of breath in a staff meeting. now we can report to you he's out of the hospital and apparently feeling better. [ speaking foreign language ] >> terrifying footage of a reported ambush by syrian troops on rebels. this happened near damascus. who actually carried the ambush is still in question, who
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carried it out. there were massive explosions along the route by opposition fighters. syrian state media reporting 175 fighters were killed and describing the ambush as one of the deadliest attacks by government forces against fighters near damascus. meantime arizona governor brewer vetos a controversial bill allowing business owners to deny service to anyone on religious grounds. the religious freedom act was widely considered to be anti-gay. hillary clinton weighed in on this on governor brewer's move. >> thankfully the governor of arizona that ha vetoed the discriminatory legislation that was passed. >> joining now, tony, fox news contributor and bernard whitman democratic pollster and strategist. bernard, this is great news for
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you. this is something very important. what do you make of the republican governor vetoing this. >> it's an extraordinary day for america. when you have groups as disparate as john mccain and ted haggard and nfl, chamber of commerce all coming together to say it's fundamentally wrong to codify into state law that says something about a larger trend in american society who are with increasing majorities embracing equality for all americans and freedom to marry specifically for gay and lesbian people. i think what it says in today's world it is no longer okay to discriminate against someone simply for who they happen to love. you know what, bernard should be able to marry whoever he wants, whoever he loves, whether that be a man or woman, a mark of progress in society and the republican party. >> i would say this, not so much
11:17 am
about gay marriage but freedom, individual choice, and the fact we should not have laws that discriminate or allow any discrimination against people because you disagree with them politically, religiously or our wise. what brewer said this was a solution in search of a problem. this was also something that could have caused more problems whether or not it intended to. i think she did the right thing. the significance for her, though, this is someone often found on the extreme right. the fact she even realizes, mitt romney's name, john mccain, the other arizona senator, the most core principle of the republican party is liberty and freedom. she preserved that. >> since you brit it up, it's interesting to note, does this mean the republican party is growing a bigger tent. last week discussing c-pac conservative convention coming up in a couple weeks they invited go proud, an organization to be part of it.
11:18 am
is this -- >> young people today overwhelmingly support the freedom to mar richlt the reason why it changed so much in the 20 years since i came out. back then one in five people say i know someone, a close friend or family member who is gay. today two in three people say they have a close family member or friend that is gay. because of that people across the spectrum, including many republicans say discrimination against gays and lesbians has no place in our society or republican party. >> i happen to think this is bigger than a victory for gay americans, it was made out to be an anti-gay law, discriminatory. that's where you see republican party yet again consistently defending the right to be free in this country. it's one thing onhave separation of church and state. it's another thing to say an individual's beliefs can circumvent rights of another individual. that's where it was very right for the governor to veto the
11:19 am
law. >> big win for the country. >> thanks. students caught doing something r rated with their cell phones. >> it's kind of ridiculous how they are willing to send pictures to themselves. one guy, then they pass it around and the whole school has seen it. >> the cops got involved. geraldo joins me on that. a new study shows a dog with no sense of guilt or shame. check out that pooch. is that guilt or shame? brings to the question today, what's the worst thing your dog has done and had a good lucky dog face? we want it to hear from you. tweet me and we'll read your comments at the end of the show. a whole pizza? >> a whole pizza. iprise asked p a simple question:
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phones have been confiscated, search warrants obtained all because of sexting at massachusetts school, wal pole high school where some students are saying a group of girls sent naked photos of themselves to boys and those pictures were widely shared as you can imagine. after police were contacted, they were called in. our goal isn't to try and punish an adolescent for making a mistake in this type of situation. our goal, and i know the administration school's goal is to teach and educate them and let them be aware of how bad this could be. geraldo rivera, host of "geraldo at large-of- joins me. put on your lawyer hat today. criminal investigation. who is going to be charged with what snch it what? >> it's not just a criminal
11:24 am
investigation. it's a felony in the commonwealth of massachusetts to sext. obviously we're horrified by child pornography. it's despicable. adults to consume, promote child pornography are felons whose lives should be destroyed by a police investigation. so now sexting happens. what happens? we have overcriminalized sexting. in the commonwealth of massachusetts, sexting, that is sending an image or taking an image of someone under the age of 18 is a felony. children have smart phones. the guy says to the girl, send me a picture of your boobs, something like that. she loves him or whatever, does it because she's showing off. he immediately distributes to his buddies. >> who is charged with the felony, the girl for taking a photo of the boobs and sending
11:25 am
it out? >> both. it's a felony. it's preposterous. it's overcriminalized. the police chief in walpole says we don't want children to think we're coming after him. the fact is a felony rap hangs over each one of those children. what does not mean? if convicted they could go on sex registry, student loans -- >> how do we stop this from happening? it's will going on at this school in wisconsin. >> it's going on in every school. >> the kids at this school says everyone is doing it. >> everyone is doing it. >> how do we solve this if not a felony? i'm not saying either but what should we do. >> to give you an idea, one in five kids between the age of 15 and 18 has done it, one out of every five. i think first of all it's ironic that liberal massachusetts has this draconian law and texas
11:26 am
with a law and order reputation in 2011 governor rick perry said this should not be a felony, lets reduce it to a misdemeanor, that's a beginning. make it a much less serious crime. i would like it reduced further from misdemeanor to violation where they don't have onerous criminal record if they do it. what you have to do is get the word out to these children that their lives are ruined. >> people are trying. the idea that everyone is still doing it after several years of trying to beat it into their heads don't do it because it's going to go viral, it's amazing it is everywhere. what to do about it for another discussion. thanks so much. fbi had a source in touch with osama bin laden over 10 years ago. why they didn't pursue it. why that evidence took so long to come to light. and the producers of the film "the son of god" mark burnett and roma downey will tell you why you need to see it this weekend. it comes out tomorrow.
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. time to take a look at what's happening around the country and across the globe. founder of greenpeace says there's no scientific proof that man is contributing to climate change. the former captain of cost
11:31 am
concordia, now on board for the first time. francisco scott ini helping ship inspectors. sensitive jobs after learning they committed crimes, sexual abuse, drunken driving. part of the new effort to reduce sexual assaults in the military. just because march is approaching doesn't mean there's a quick transition to spring weather. in chicago, the windy city is more like freezing city. brutal cold made worse with snowstorms possible over the weekend. lets go out to california, back-to-back rainstorms soaking the state, canceling flights and threatening flooding, experiencing rain event in three years. still won't make a substantial dent in the worst drought for
11:32 am
more than 400 years. time to check in with shepard smith live at the news desk, see what he came up with. >> found something new, fat thursday in policyholder. we have a couple of poles on the staff. they brought delicious food. you can't have that and continue to live for long. happy fat showers. following a toxic leak at one of our nation's nuclear dumpsites. workers tested for deadly radiation. it happened here at a site in new mexico where the government sends old nuclear materials. of course this leak raises big fears as tens of thousands of people live nearby in carlsbad. this is but 35 miles away. government officials say don't worry, everything is fine. that has folks who live nearby asking more questions. we're expected to get answers when officials face reporters. the latest at the top of the hour with shepard smith reporting. >> thanks so much, shep. i guess you could call it a
11:33 am
sequel of sorts to the miniseries, "the bible." now you can see "the son of god" a movie about the life of jesus christ and it hits the big screen tomorrow. here is a sneak preview. >> my son. my son. >> don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. >> emmy award winning producer mark burnett and his actress wife roma downey produced the film and join me now. roma, you play mary as you did in the bible series. good to see you. >> lovely to see you. >> it has to be satisfying to know it's coming to the big screen. the bible was so fukushimaful on the tv screen. what does it mean to come to the world on the big screen. >> really when we were in
11:34 am
morocco and saw dailies and looked on the big screen and said, mark, we should be making a big movie. i said, that's a great idea. after six months, we brought in helicopters to get sweeping shots, special effects scene from gladiator special effects, 5.1 surround sound and it comes out tomorrow in 3,100 screens. >> it's such a fabulous idea to have done them both at the same time. did you ever think, roma, th"th bible" would catch on as it did and a huge push to see the movie. >> when we first decided to do "the bible" series, people thought we had lost our minds and an audience wouldn't show up. 100 million people showed up. now we have a chance to put jesus on the big screen. the story of jesus' life hasn't been seen on the big screen for 50 years since the greatest
11:35 am
story ever told. we know there's a whole new generation out there this story will touch and impact. >> it's so interesting. sometimes we hear people don't want to see movies about religion, don't want to learn about god on friday and saturday night. i was sharing with you the study out said the biggest moneymaking movies in the last year had religion as a theme. what do you make of that, mark? >> it certainly is one nation under god. no question about that. just maybe some people in the media don't quite understand what driving america, what built america. it's not surprisingly thematically even non-bible movies have that story of redemption against all odds, biblical values because it's naturally what americans love. >> don't you remember the reaction when "passion of the christ" came out in 2004. they were like, this will never be anything. i remember driving to the airport in a cab and listening
11:36 am
to the radio station and people announcing it were just stunned that it had done so well. now 10 years later with your movie coming out, they are not going to be that stunned when it does really well, are they? >> we don't know. all we know is we made a beautiful film that is exciting on the one hand, plays out like a political thriller, yet it's deeply emotional and personal on the other hand. we've been out for months sharing this across the country. we feel a real ground swell as pastors and faith leaders across denominations have reached out in support of it. we feel very encouraged that people will show up, families will show up together to experience the story of jesus. >> after this wonderful project, what's next? >> we've got two big things coming off. a cbs series called "the dove series" we're doing on cbs later this year. nbc, a period, d period, the
11:37 am
story of what happened in the first ten to twenty years after the resurrection of christ. very, very tumultuous political time in judea, very best drama. >> the movie comes out tomorrow, "son of god." i know so many people will want to see it. thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. investigators hoping to get their hands on a key piece of evidence days before oscar pistorius goes on trial fof killing his girlfriend. the clue they are after and how far they will go to get it. plus he broke records in sochi. today olympic skier david wise joins us with his wife and two-year-old daughter. they are going to tell us about their life behind the slopes. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you
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... ... ... ... ... ... time to check out what america is clicking on today.
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paintings by former president george w. bush are going on display. an exhibit in april at the george bush library in dallas. it's going to include more than two dozen portraits he's done since leaving the white house. those look great. you know that guilty dog look? it doesn't necessarily mean your dog actually feels the guilt. animal researchers say the droopy eyed look is a reaction to feelings and behavior and not an indicator of the dog's actual shame. the california couple who found $10 billion worth of coins in their yard will probably owe close to half by april 15th. wow, that is a buzz kill. apparently discovering a treasure trove is a taxable event. fox news alert now, a
11:42 am
congressional panel investigating fbi and new claims an undercover agent had direct contact with osama bin laden eight years before september 11th terror attacks. the existence of an fbi mole infiltrating al qaeda never mentioned during the official investigation of the attacks. the revelations coming from court documents in a years old discrimination case against the bureau. an fbi official testifying the mole learned in 1993 al qaeda was trying to finance attacks on the united states and helped thwart a plot in los angeles. now members of congress looking into what else may have been left out of the 9/11 commission. the panel appointed early this year to review ongoing efforts of the fbi to deal with it's made up of attorney general edwin meese, former ambassador tim romer and professor bruce hoffman. in charge of it all my guest frank wolf, member of the house appropriations committee. great to see you, congressman.
11:43 am
what do you make of this revolution? what should we make of the revelation? >> it's shocking. the 9/11 commission apparently never knew about it. it's hard to believe but may be true. that's why we have a review commission, tim romer was on the original 9/11 commission. he was on the house intel committee. the fact that he knew nothing about it, will he'll be able to look at it from a historical point and hoffman of. it's shocking. >> the mole, source was cultivated in the fbi los angeles office and the mole went on to thwart an attack, help thwart it. what are we to make not only of that but the fact the mole had ties to osama bin laden and knew he was planning the huge attack against the u.s. >> the commission will look at
11:44 am
that. they will look at everything surrounding 9/11. what was given, what was not given. what recommendations were made and followed and not successful. what recommendations were made and they never followed. i think this is good for director. he's brand-new. there's so much to look and see. nobody has looked at the bin laden papers. what was in the files that bin laden had when they killed bin laden. what are they doing with domestic radicalization. you have americans gone to somalia, a bombing in somalia yesterday, al shabab. there are americans fighting in somalia. you have americans who have left the united states and gone to syria. you have 50 or more that have american passports. you have probably 7,000 westerners fighting with jihadists.
11:45 am
they are going to look at this to see what new has taken place from 9/11, how did it work and report back to congress. equally important they are going to report back to the director. he wasn't around when any of this took place. >> all right. so real quickly, congressman, when will this panel come up with any of its conclusions? >> by the end of the year. they have been restricted to one year. they have been adequately funded. it was my bill. we put it in, the president signed it. these three have been selected. they are all good people. by the end of the year we'll come out. we want to make sure that the obama administration and that they cooperate with them. sometimes in government they can slow walk people. we're going to monitor. they will come up with recommendations and reports to director and congress by the end of the year. >> interesting to see what other startling revelations may come out of this. congressman frank wolf, thanks for your time. >> thanks, gretchen.
11:46 am
>> just days before oscar pistorius's trial begins investigators flying halfway around the world to apple headquarters. what the lead detective hopes to find there. live with the details. olympian david wise and his whole family will join us live next.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
new developments in the case against olympic athlete known as the blade runner. oscar pistorius. he's accused of killing his model girlfriend last year in south africa. now just days before his murder trial begins the lead detective traveling halfway around the world looking for what could be some key evidence. trace gallagher live with more on that. what is it, trace? >> key evidence in his iphone 5,
11:50 am
gretchen, that was found on a floor mat outside a bathroom where reeva steenkamp was shot and killed. he said he does not remember apple id code to open the phone. police in south africa have been working months and months with the fbi trying to get apple engineers to actually go out and unlock the phone and today is the day. they won't say exactly what they are looking for but they are clearly interested in the text messages leading up to the shooting, as well as messages that may have been deleted. prosecutors believe pistorius had a fight withstein camp before the shooting. any relevant information gleaned from the phone would have to be shared from defense attorneys. as you know time is running out. this 11 hour venture by prosecutors is leading to evidence without the phone information, the case against pistorius may not be all that
11:51 am
strong but prosecutors reject that saying they have more than enough evidence to convict him. the trial starts monday as i said. cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom as well as audio but not on pistorius when he gives his testimony. also none of his private conversations with his lawyer. this is a long awaited trial finally getting under way in south africa on monday. p. a unique lifestyle for olympic athlete. at 23, a husband and father. he's here with "the real story." olympic gold medalist david wise, his wise and 2-year-old daughter who at the mom is acting like a 2-year-old and that's fine. >> a little squirmy. >> david, i introduced you as olympic champion, congratulations. also, husband and father. so you're used to a 2-year-old
11:52 am
sort of acting up, right? >> oh, yeah. we've had her on the grind, on the road with us since the time she was three months old. she's definitely used to this journey. >> you are finally making it home. a big celebration you're going to. people around the world gravitated to your victory. what was it about your victory people saw themselves say. it's just -- for me it's such an honor to represent -- this is the first ever halfpipe skiing competition in the olympics so represent a sport i love has been amazing, and i don't know what it was. maybe because it was such a battle. we were battling conditions and everything, and when you overcome -- when landed the run i had an overwhelming -- i kind of freaked out of the bottom was
11:53 am
i so-so excited to have landed the run, and to have my family supporting me and my life and she is holding up my daughter's face, blown up photograph, and every could appreciate that. >> behind every great man is a great woman, and there you had your wife -- well, two women. lexi, what was it like to watch david and then you had in spirit there nielli. >> it was such an honor to be the with our whole family, david. two sisters and mom and dad were there with us. and we had the big poster of the baby, so a really unique, awesome experience. >> david, you were described in one karl as living an alternative life, and when people heard that, they were like, wait a minute, he is a husband and has a daughter.
11:54 am
what's alternative about that? i know you also maybe want to be a pastor. tell me about that. >> yeah. i mean, it's funny to be called alternative because i'm doing what -- as normal as you could be. almost too normal, but definitely -- get out of here. go have fun. we'll let the two-year-old go off in the corner. she sees the toys in the corner and is losing it. but i've always felt fortunate to do what i love and to share that with people, and i am not responsible for making myself a good skier or giving myself the talent and things i have. so, i've always felt the need to share that with people, and maybe use my gift to encourage people and use the things i've
11:55 am
been given,, to just build people up. that goes along with the concept of being the passer. i have -- a pastor. i have been a lot of places and seen a lot of cultures and got ton know the world so it's something i could see myself doing for sure. >> right now you're just goal to relish in the victory with the gold medal hanging around your neck. lexi, and to david, and to nielli, have a fantastic homecoming, people are so proud of you and we appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having on. >> one of hollywood's funniest guys bringing humor to a very serious issue. we'll tell you what breath seth brogan to the hill. and we are sharing your pup's most shameful moments. don't miss that. right back.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> thank you for the opportunity to testify and to be called an expert at something.
11:59 am
that's cool. i don't know if you know who i am at all. you told me you never saw "knocked up" so a little insulting. >> this is the first time i will wager this is the first time in any congressional hearing in history that the words "knocked up" have come out. >> oh, my gosh. seth rogan testifying about alzheimer's research. his mother-in-law struggles with the disease. even though it's serious he brought humor. >> dog loves answering our questions: what's the worst thing your dog has done. >> one said, my dog ate my bible. riley tweeting, my dog broke into a cooler full of breast milk and tank it all. she -- shannon says her dog ate
12:00 pm
multiple pieces of furniture. i have to check it out, shannon. >> thank you for being part of the real story. >> top of the hour and top of the news, tracking some disturbing developments in ukraine, fighters in the air and storming the building. a very rare warning to the russians from the u.s. and the question is, what is your next move? >> major changes to be coming to the supermarket. an overhaul could affect nearly every single item you buy. >> the teenage girl taken from her family after doctors disagreed with her diagnosis. today from the girl's father who says this can happen to any parent.

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